Monday, February 20, 2017

FREE Video Calls, video Chat, Voice Calls & Text Chat with Star VoIP Mobile Video Softphone

FREE Video Calls, video Chat, Voice Calls & Text Chat with Star VoIP Mobile Video Softphone 
* FREE video Call between iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
* Video Call and chat on 3G,4G & WiFi
* FREE calls to other Star VoIP Mobile users worldwide
* FREE live text chat (no more expensive SMS)
We know it's convenient to have two phone numbers. That's why Star VoIP Mobile has been so popular with iphone users.
Never miss a call and always make a call with Tri-mode calling that automatically switches to Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or Cellular. Every iOS user must have this application.
It's worth it to have the extra number and be able to send text messages and calls over Wi-Fi at home, on airplanes, on trains, and more.
Distinction between Star VoIP Mobile and iOS calls
Make calls when voice network is not reliable
Two phone lines on one iPhone
With Star VoIP Mobile on your iOS devices, you can make and receive phone calls with crystal clear sound quality for FREE or at super low rates.
Star VoIP Mobile is easy to download and use. You can call over 3G* or WiFi, and keep Star VoIP Mobile running in the background.
Main features:
* Making and receiving VoIP Audio and Video calls
* Built-in tunnel for passing thru voip blockades
* Connectivity through WiFi / 3G / EDGE
* Integrated contacts from the phone
* Loudspeaker
* Favorites
* Balance information
* Call cost information
* Destination, rate
* Time, call status logs
* Last calls log
* Redial
* Support for codecs G.729 for high quality audio
* Compatible with IPod Touch, IPhone and IPad
* iPhone's address book integration
* VoiceMail functionality (new voicemail, unheard voicemails, voicemail management )
* Callback functionality (the selected numbers will be connected via cellular calls)
* Conversation recording
* SMS feature
* Customizable tab bar
1. You need to have account from Star VoIP Mobile in order to use this software. Don't have Star VoIP Mobile account, please register for free on our website.
2. Please, check your cellular operator's terms of agreement to make sure they allow sip calls on their network before using Star VoIP Mobile.
Please use the link or call me at tel no 012-6298546
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