Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Essentially, Groups are more like a private club or networking group. Pages are meant to be promoting a certain product/service/brand/celebrity.
Here’s a table drew up that displays some of the differences:
PurposeRepresent particular person or brandCollaborative environment for group of people
RestrictionsPublic or admin-onlyPublic, closed (visible but must request to be added) or secret (cannot be found by search or any other means)
Add peopleNo (can suggest page)Yes – only those who are Facebook friends of Group members
Facebook Notifications for fans/membersOnly if someone comments on/likes the post you have made or commented on.Default: FB notifications (and potentially email) for all new wall posts (by anyone) – can be changed.
Posting restrictionPosting can be restricted to Page admins only or open to everyonePosting can be restricted to Group admins only or open to everyone
Post imagesYesYes
Comment/Liking abilityYesYes
Create eventsYesYes
Posts fed to newsfeedYesNo
Create shared docsNoYes
Group/Page email addressNoYes – this means the group members have access to a group email address that when used sends content directly to the Group wall.
ChatNoYes – through chat bar
View other fans/membersNoYes
AdvertisingYesYes – unless closed group
Vanity URLYes – you can chooseNo – though it is a logical URL determined by Group name. Eg. www.facebook.com/groups/groupname although sometimes it may have a string of numbers at the end.
Indexed by search enginesYesYes – but not if secret
NotesAnyone can search, find and join a Page unless it is set to admin-only. Admins have the ability to delete/ban people.Anyone who is a member can add another member. This can lead to groups getting out of control. However admins are able to delete/ban people from the group.

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